Image Courtesy HeidelX on Pixabay

Image Courtesy HeidelX on Pixabay



What is this about?

It's time for us to get together and write a book. But not just any book.

This is a collection of stories by women who have gone through abortion and by men who have chosen to accompany women in need at this time. This is a collection of stories that are not just autobiographies but are more detailed sketches of circumstances that lead to decisions and steps taken after the decision was carried out to resolve the experience in the participants' minds. The resolution process is emphasized here, for it is here where we find the deeper workings of the human mind around such a taboo issue and invite readers into these workings to foster a sense of understanding that transcends the prejudices and black-and-white secrecy-fed logic that consumes most societies on Earth regarding this issue. 

This is a book of secrets shared in a strategic way. This is not to say that we deny the truths of our experience, but rather search for the treasure that they behold.

It is my sincere hope that by your participation in this book project that you a) find a deeper level of healing and resolution in the writing of your chapter b) feel a sense of community with the other authors c) experience a sense of empowerment as you help countless others who will read your words and take comfort and guidance from your experience and attained wisdom.

Who am I?

I am a woman who chose to abort her twins. They were six weeks old. I had my reasons and will share them along with the circumstances. I also see the decision and outcome as something sacred and something that helped me become who I am today. Indeed, shamelessly, I can say I am actually glad it happened. The souls who entered my life at the time that they did taught me a tremendous amount. And my decision not to bring them into the circumstances around me was one of compassion due to the future they would face. My story is complex. That is why I know that yours is too. If we make an effort now, to each write a chapter delving into that complexity, I am certain we can change a degree of public perception, just a little, about this issue. 

Am I too much of an optimist?

Yes, but I am also a realist so it works out. I am prepared to face great criticism for this book. I am prepared for death threats and a black stain on my name. But in the end, why would I want to live if not to be someone who helped such important change take place. And I realized, as this project knocked at the door of my mind one random morning, that this was my chance. 


So too, this is your chance.