You Know You Never Know but I Know You Do

Krishna_ArjunaSo many people like to say "you never know"

Really? Never?

Somebody must know something--I mean how the hell else did we get here?

Today I realized that there is this massive matrix

People of all different shapes, sizes, colors, inclinations, histories, karmas

When I notice myself, I realize something

I realize that I am exactly the way I am supposed to be for my soul to accomplish its purpose




•Hair color



•Achilles heals












•Clown-around smile


•Whispering to the light when I am not crying out loud

Humans, we have this ability to think about ourselves

To doubt ourselves

To compare ourselves, perpetuate suffering

To fight the flow of what we were born into

Think about it

Think about yourself

This is your outfit, right here

These are your surroundings, right now

These are the thoughts you think

For the reasons you do

For the chance to drop or embrace them

Feeding on feelings, right or wrong

We were all born into a bed

We all sleep once in a while

Everyone does

Everyone dreams against their will now and then, if not more often

When we wake up, we start thinking

Inspired by doubt, we wonder: are we somehow not the way we are supposed to be to get where we are supposed to go?

Are we late for a big party where we finally accept ourselves?

Many of our actions spring from this doubt as well

But really, come on, there are so many ways to be and yet we are truly, exactly how we are supposed to be!

We didn't invent ourselves, now did we?

What's all this perverse behavior about?

"You never know," you say?

Well somebody must, somebody must ... and sometimes I really do, and so do you


Your Guru, Your Gita~transcript excerpt from Krishna Das workshop, April 25, 2014

Krishna revealing his infinite power to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita Krishna Das [KD]: All we do is think about ourselves, all the time.

If we thought about other people one millionth of the time, we'd probably ...

... if we could treat other people, the way we want to be treated, we wouldn't have a problem in the world.

So love is the Guru, real love is the Guru.

When we are not thinking about ourselves all of the time, we might notice that we can feel that love. But if we are only thinking about ourselves all day long, there's no space for love to shine in. So somehow we have to calm those thoughts.

So what we do when we practice [mindfulness/kirtan/meditation], you know, we're trying to catch raindrops. You can't catch raindrops like this [turns palms down]. You catch raindrops like this [presses sides of palms together with them facing up], you can like this.

So after a while, you get some water here.

Audience Member: I guess I ask the question because I've heard it said that you have many teachers, but in the physical form you have one Guru ... and not two, and that's why I'm asking your specific take on that. Just curious.

KD: Well, I've met Babas who have consciously taken new bodies. One Baba I knew left the body when he was 250 years old. Didn't mean that his physical body was 250 years old--that was his third body. He consciously went into ... he was born, reached a certain stage, wanted to finish his work so he needed a new body, did it again, three times. He died in '89 ...

So if they can do that they can do anything. They can take a body right in front of you right now if that's what you need. Do you understand? A real Guru has one motive only: connection. They don't need anything. They don't want anything. They're only available for us when that's what we need, when that's going to be the best thing for us. And it's not about physical time.

... For a being like that there is no physical. But for us there's physical. And the idea is you have one Guru, that's the idea. But the physical part is a misunderstanding. That Guru can come to you in every form, every shape. A bird. A dog. All these ...