Nothing but Time

  Image credit--"The I of Time" from "Salvador Dali and Julia Childs" on Fashionista 514

For those with vision, justice is hardly a steadfast lover--for sure, it is NOT going to come running into your arms.

In reality, justice is more like some random, hot person who walks into a cafe and gives you a knowing nod.

You can't plan the encounter ... and, while it delights, you never needed a whole lot of it anyway ... in fact, it was kind of distracting.

Today I realized that trying to be in tight with justice has only caused me continuos displays of disgrace.

Time is a much more trustworthy companion, and as I turn to it--finally noticing its subtle yet striking beauty--I think "aha, now I'm getting somewhere."

So when you see things that others don't, state your position and leave them to it. Cuddle up with time.

And when justice traipses past you two making out at the cafe, you can look up, wink, and turn back to your life in progress.