The Ticket



Milk and honey drip

Like constant rain

From invisible breasts

Clouds of compassion

Unfathomable mother

Embracing blue sky



Like a thumb

Pressing softly

Between a cat's eyes


Up and down,

Up and down

Your whole life


The music of our minds

Blends and finds discord

But always wants to marry

Unrequited compositions

Satisfying duets

Sacred, confident pauses

Silent meeting points

Intense recognition


Why fear anything?

When the sky offers its hands

Invites every concern

For safe keeping

Automatic shuffling


The wheel of time

More like a filmstrip

Rewind, fast forward

There you stand

In the projection room


Laugh when you can

Cry when you need to

You are only ever talking to yourself

Making movies

Cradled gently

Loved completely


Don’t you see?

Your ticket was free.