Summer Go-to Music

Hit on some solid stuff this summer and felt the need to share. The top two selections are new music and the collections linked are 100 percent solid, IMO. Their genres push the edges of those existing. Here goes.



I stumbled on Scott Hansen’s masterwork when listening to another favorite of mine, Ulrich Schnauss … must say Hansen trumped what brought me to him. Indeed, this has colored my world. Every time I listen it drills me deeper into my feelings, so I use it carefully. I can’t say that it had me looking through a lens because this stuff pushes me deeper inside myself, to close my eyes and see beyond my wildest dreams. Sometimes I use Tycho even when it isn’t playing out loud—my mind will produce the tracks and I feel them massage my heart, connect me to a part of myself.

Hansen’s blog’s (ISO50) playlists have become a source of inspiration for me as well. I listen to them while I paint or mill around the house. He and his crew are either out on the edge or in the deepest cuts of artists like “Yes.” It’s really otherworldly. I recommend highly.

Toro y Moi—Anything in Return


I found this guy, Chaz Bundick, through the ISO50 blog, actually. He's since medicated my summer. Bundick’s apparently the father of a new “Chill Wave” movement. I first heard the song “Say That,” off of the album “Anything in Return,” and was hooked. THEN, I watched the video—and I thought “this guy really gets it … WTF, he’s just awesome!!” Rose quartz then rung my neck and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Zero 7—Best Of (Emphasis on a couple of remixes)

Okay, this is hardly new or edgy. But something about this collection, with its experimental remixes, as a whole, rocked my socks this summer and continues to. Here are a few hints:




Finally, blast from the past ...

INXS—Best Of


I realize every time I listen to this collection that:

A) I don’t get sick of any of the songs because B) the message inside each song is totally evolved and the music that goes with it supports this.

This music is timeless. It’s about enjoying life, and after all the yoga and meditation I've done, I find that it's actually really evolved and consistently sophisticated and positive in its message.