Well, it's been a while since I've had to write about politics. But alas, it is a part of life and it has again appeared on the landscape of mine. For some reason, my hypersensitivity helps me in this area. It is a hypersensitivity born out of a very touchy group of circumstances that surrounded me from the time I was a fetus until I finally left home at age 18. Indeed, my entire childhood was colored with unusual social circumstances that left me feeling hardly secure just to be natural.

But through tons of conscious effort and experience with countless mentors, I eventually learned how to do this, to at least begin to find security inside of myself. I still have many lessons to learn on this and the universe teaches these to me, kindly most times.

As I was saying though, this political situation now makes me realize that in order to survive politics, people must be driven up away from the laws of natural, deeply-inspired conduct, which I have worked so hard to learn, and into the realm of the mind and its many strategies for 'success.'

And it is a shame that suddenly, when such situations, such mental matrices as I like to think of them, descend upon a group of people, that so much of the energy once used to create, innovate and be civil toward one another is suddenly shunted to surviving a constantly shifting realm of irrationality.

I'm good at living in my mind and at strategizing around how people in my environment behave to achieve 'best outcomes.' But if you ask me, this is quite a devolved way to live. "Authentically" is a preferable adjective for how I like to live my life. And lately, I wonder what the best outcome is. You may wonder why at this point I have not touched on the issue at hand and that is because it doesn't matter, really. Everyone can relate if they have ever been in a professional environment. Plus, it is so sensitive that if I put it out here, I would be very paranoid.

In any case, I am watching some people around get their figurative limbs chopped off for not strategizing in a way that allows survival in the matrix of minds in power. And they are still around, waiting until the clock runs out and they are expelled. And the most spiritually disfigured one is one I hold very dear--a person who displays much patience, much tenacity in helping others. And yet, he somehow got tangled in the gears and walks wounded now. This person had cut back on cigarettes but has again taken to them for comfort and I scold him now and then with a smirk--which he likes, you know, to be cared about.

It's like getting through the invisible layers of museum security when you are just there to see paintings, during normal opening hours--there is no transparent reason. And while this is great entertainment in movies like Oceans 13, it is nightmarish in civilized, human environments that never required you to be James Bond to exist.

I know when to smile, when to sit at attention, when to talk, when to shut up and when to listen very carefully like a mouse on a counter with its mouth full of cheese.

There is something very dark and unknown about this situation; I can't assume that I understand it, it is so deep, like the Sarlacc Pit.

As my friend recently wished the force to be with me, may I use it wisely in days to come.