Ladies' Holiday and Rightfully So

When I was studying in Thailand this summer, I never expected to gain a bit of insight that would make being a lady so much more fun--that insight being that I have permission to be a lady!

Forever, I was practicing through my ladies' holiday. (BTW: it doesn't take a genius to figure out what I'm saying and at this point men might want to click their browser somewhere else ... unless they want to be extra cool and learn more about a woman's body since it's kind of a huge turn on to us.) I was toiling and sweating and feeling wiped out and suffering with pain, albeit significantly lighter pain because of this pose here, which targets the uterus. That pose and the associated benefits and epiphanies constitute a separate blog entry that I'll link out to in a bit.

Anyway, so I was just really hell bent on practicing every day except the moon days and the off day of the week. And one day this teacher at the shala encouraged me to take three days off over my holiday. What?! I gasped silently as I smiled at her and nodded my head yes.

What the heck was she talking about--three daaaays??? After all the work I had done to get into all of the series and move on to the next, I wasn't about to take three days off per month. Somehow the topic came up with her again at a meal. "You just need to give yourself a break--walk on the beach, meditate, do something relaxing."

What is this lazy person talking about! I protested in the quiet of my mind as I nodded yes and smiled at her. After all, she was my instructor for Ayurveda so I should just be a star, fake student and go along with it.

Then I heard through the grapevine that she is highly regarded among senior practitioners AND she does third series. Okay, I thought, now I might pay attention. So I tried it. I took three days off over my holiday. And let me tell you, when I got back on the mat on day four, I was even more flexible and energetic than ever before! It was like a paradox. And I've since looked very forward to my holidays.

The End