Here You sit

More space than matter, Atomically speaking Commanding every space Between every molecule That collects under the definition:


But what is that? Where does 'You' end? Are 'You' what the tide brings in? Or what it takes away From those who love 'You'?

Flowing In and out Change immortal

Try to grab a retreating wave And laugh, laugh, laugh Because 'You' knew 'You' couldn’t And tried anyway Just like 'You' thought 'You' knew Who 'You' were Until today When 'You' woke up Looked in the mirror And saw the space between All those molecules---'You' That they were not much more than the space between

'You' and someone else

And 'You' feel it now, don’t you?

What I talk about? Like sitting in the sand That recedes right under 'Your' rump As the waves pull back Leaving 'You' deeper Closer Yet still so far away From alone