You Really Need to Go on a Date

This preachy health note is like five years old, before I moved to Doha, where I witness date season in its fullest glory! It's date season again -- no, not dating season, date season! Have you ever indulged in fresh, unadulterated dates when they're in season?

For me, doing this inspires much thinking on the prestige of nature, for this fruit is so much more delicious and perfect in texture and form than any candy created by humans. This experience causes me to wonder, deeply, about why on earth humans insist on dumping sugar and crap into foodstuffs.

In fact, a myriad of other foods, when left in their natural states, deliver much satisfaction to a pallet that is not numbed by chemicals, sweeteners and salty spinoffs.

As I wonder deeply about this, I realize that many people, because of artificial sensory overload, are probably not really hungry when they eat -- I mean, either their bodies are loaded with surplus energy or they are not hungry for a meal at that time. This would greatly change the meaning and enjoyment level about food I would think.

Another issue, as I hinted to above, is tongue-numbingly obvious foods overwhelming the taste buds so that they can't sense subtle or complex notions in foods that are more natural. Texture is an issue here too. Texture is more valued when the tongue is sensitive and not overwhelmed by additives that bombard the senses while eating.

This is all just a theory, and regardless, I believe these dates could prove it -- they are that good!