Why I really, really like Al Gore

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The European community recently embraced Al Gore as a leader in the movement to counteract global warming. As an environmental researcher and writer, I can say that this movement is long overdue by leaders around the world.

Countless species have gone extinct, millions of acres of old--200 year-old--forest have been destroyed, and we are just reading the news and picking our noses here in the states.

It's not all our fault; we don't control things from the bottom up as well as they can be steered from the top down. So many regulations and allocations of resources could turn our consumer ship around.

I really, really like Al Gore because he sidestepped the political trap, sacrificed his ego and persevered to become a symbol of tenacity in the fight for species who have no voice among humans ... and by the way, he fights for humans who also have no voice against global warming.

The US is, and long has been, a primary culprit in the emission of air waste. This waste can only be filtered by forest. So, from both angles, we've been like a smoker, smoking cigarettes and closing their own lungs, day after day.

I want re-use strategy. I want composting. I want electric cars. I want giant windmills across the plane states. I want LEED tech buildings. I want this stuff so bad.

I don't want to spend billions to assault people in other countries. I don't want that stuff. Not a lot of people really do when they fall off the party wagon and learn to think for themselves.

Al Gore's life is symbolic. It represents a possible shift in the present social system--a sunbeam darting into a closed tunnel system of reactionary politic. Something for us all to hold onto and contemplate. He's not president and doesn't want to be anymore. He helped make the internet available to us and not just the military.

He has vision. He shares it because he knows he's going to die and is living for a reason greater than himself.

It's really inspiring to see someone in the spotlight acting this way, living with integrity and swimming forward, no matter how crazy the waves get.

Bravo, I say.