Il Postino


This is a story of a famous Chilean poet, Pablu Neruda, played by Philippe Noiret, whose exile in Italy introduces him to a postman. Or is it the other way around? A man in a small Italian fishing isle signs up to deliver mail to famous poet Pablo Neruda in order to keep himself busy and in good company.

It doesn't matter. Either way, this film is well directed by Michael Radford, who understands very well how to create a bridge between 2D film and a profoundly beautiful experience. It is foreign film at its best and a blast of courage to the heart. Mario, played by the late Mossimo Troisi, is one of the most disarming and believable characters I've ever seen. His innocence is almost unsettling in a world where a certain level of cynicism ensures survival.

This is a simple, easy time of a movie, which lingers in the memory as a complex tail indeed.