From the Archives: Tuesday, June 05, 2007

(This is back in New York, back at WebMD, back during Bush, Paris Hilton over-mania and Ewin McGregor's Long Way Down ... way back, and sugar free) Stream of ... I've got to bend my front knee and ride this wave ... these misunderstandings are like rough water. I'm sick of diving off the board, I've got to figure out how to ride inside the tube. But it's not so easy as just talking about it. No. The water is wet, the thoughts of other options cross the mind. Have to focus on the bigger goal, the success. Repeat. Finish, don't wallow in pride, repeat.

My job is starting to snap at me with political jaws. I always have a honeymoon period that ends with a bang at jobs. But this time I'm going to ignore it. I make enough money, I work in the city, my department is cool ... I mean, I like the being on the team. But somehow nobody else thinks we're so cool. Oh well, my ars isn't wound that tight so I guess it's their loss.

I feel like going to concerts every week this summer and have organized the coming weeks in that spirit. I think cold drinks are in order. Cold, fancy, pomegranate-laden drinks. What's with the pomegranate addiction these days? I know there are tons of antioxidants in this fruit, but aren't there a ton of antioxidants in bananas? My natural toothpaste? That green tea from the vending machine? How many antioxidants? Ten trillion? Will it save me from the person in the next department who pretends to be an arshole I mean?

I get to wondering whether or not I'm contributing to the madness by not being a saint. I read this news and encounter ignorant people on the subway. I recognize it because I, too, am ignorant to a degree--we all are.

I love New York. Who wouldn't? Probably people who don't like to run into a mirror every five seconds. That's okay. Who can blame them? I don't.

Today I had a fantasy that I was running through a corridor of mirrors. It was as if everyone was a mirror and the harder I charged against them, the deeper I cut myself.

I'm not confused ... I think I know exactly what's going on in my immediate sphere at least. I'm open to changes in the rest of it and try to keep track of what I've collected so far ... all of this information that heaps in my head and forms logical, reasonable arguments that wait there to be decapitated again so that I can mature and see things differently and let the heaps grow higher and form different points of view all over again. Logic, reason, decapitation.

I'm not sure if anyone who reads the news doesn’t feel a little crazy right now. I read the complete list of Bushisms today. Have you read it? This guy should be tried for war crimes. I mean, none of us are innocent just because we didn't know better, so why should he be? With all due respect, he's a blooming idiot!

Dig them up if you would like to laugh, then sit flabbergasted, then feel depressed, a bit annoyed, laugh and go officially crazy.

Does it always have to come back to George Walawala Bushbong? No? But he's really a good target riee? I guess another guy would be Charles Taylor -- what a butt hole. And people say he's innocent. The world is weird. I'm going to call a spade a shovel here.

Paris Hilton is doing fine in jail though so don't worry. I guess I'd be doing fine too if I was in a celebrity cell, free from all distractions. I was happy in the Kenyan up country so that's a pretty cushy place by my standards. How many roaches in your toilet? None? Shoot! That's deelux!

Speaking of that, did you see the story on BBC about the family that had to live in the public toilet?

That's sad. Maybe they can give Paris some survival tips and maybe she can give them 500 dollars -- more money than they could earn in five years.

Did you know that Ewan McGregor is on a bike trip through Africa?! That guy is pretty rad. I was wondering today, when is he going to be in another movie -- I miss watching his acting because I relate to it a lot. Then I tripped on the BBC site that details his trip ... oh yeah.