Mushroom Jazz 6



This is a seamless, holistic compilation of musical vibrations mixed from their original composers by a master named Mark Farina.

There's something about Mark that I sense through all of his work: he seems to have an almost solemn sense of reality and this makes him generous in his creativity--he has a positive influence on the music he touches and wants it to offer more. It's like he knows that life's a bitch so he keeps the downbeat but then lifts you with the layers. This is something to put on when the tentacles of the day just grabbed you by the ankles and (fill in the blank). It goes there and takes you outa there.

Not a lot of lyrics here, and if so, there's a lot of repetition. But I tend to like this. The repetition helps me sink in if it's cut off at the right time. We're moving fast these days; stuff just whizzes past our heads. But if something lingers--like a firefly hovering and showing off its iridescence and supernatural form--you merge with it through the luxury of time. That's what this repetition allows if you like.

The sign of a good mixer is their ability to find the relationship between two disparate songs and exploit how they complement each other in a way that deeply pleases a listener. Its amazing to really experience that transition between two really different vibes when it's done well.

I'm deeply pleased by this collection.