About Doha

So I decided that a blog about the desert was too hard to update on a regular basis--there are just too many stretches that, while eventful to me, are not interesting enough to mention. Let's face it, a lot of days consist of the following: Get up, Mysore/jog, eat cornflakes, check email, shower, put on a suit and scarf, grab things frantically and run to the car, plug ipod into cigarette lighter and pick a mix for my mood, drive to work, say hello to everyone, check calender, work, talk, repeat, attend any functions, go home/swimming/out, repeat entire sequence. I had a few things to say when I first arrived and they are at this blog.  Now these updates have turned into a category of a larger blog where I can stretch out and write about a bunch of stuff. But if something is specifically about Doha, it will go here. All the Love in the World, e