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Pranayama Intensive (Part 4) with Paul Dallaghan (Centered Yoga, Koh Samui, Thailand


This year, we really went subtle. Paul took us deeper into our parasympathetic and contemplative zones than every before (in my observation). The discussions were rich on every front--from detailed anatomical slides and descriptions (Paul is getting his PhD at Emory and is eager to share his experience based on in-depth physiological study, research and networking with academic colleagues who are experts in a range of anatomical and physiological fields. Paul's experience, as always, shined through. As did his dedication.

We also went into the mental blocks to practice, the point of practice--not to focus on the self but to see the self in a larger context and fine tune the attention toward the center of one's being--a stable place from which to come at life. We discussed emotional challenges, the definition of prana in a physiological context and a lot of other controversial subjects. Lots of laughing and engaging. Brilliant!

We also took our chanting and japa practices deeper by exploring semi-audible and silent chant as a powerful set of techniques. He checked our pulses three times each (and sometimes more when he sat one-on-one with us) to observe the shifts taking place through the applied breathing and to get a good sense of what our prescription will be for the coming year.


Later Event: August 19