Are you ready to be seen?

Here's a bit of feedback from those who have:

Emily has this amazing gift to make you realize how rare and precious your life is. And this really reminds you to make the best out of it! She is passionate about the human nature and everything between heaven and Earth. And she also is a very eloquent speeker who describes her insights with precise and beautiful words.
— Nadine G.
We were in the flow and what I heard felt not only on the intellectual, but also on the emotional and spiritual side good. Some parts felt like having a mirror in front of me - I had to laugh. I also learnt a lot - some things were new, like having a view inside the ‘black box’ - and would like to thank you for that :)
— Nathalie F.
You were wonderful and you used your divine insight and unique gift to shine light into deep areas of my being that were yet to be uncovered, aiding me on my path towards fulfilling my potential—and my joy! And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Libby P. [A direct message shared with permission.]
It cleared my emotional storm a bit ;) I wasn’t really looking for help, I was curious and felt strong enough and self-confident enough to get that spiritual information about myself from outside. I felt I could deal with unpleasant things at that point, not getting to much shaken up by what ever might come along during our reading. And I not only felt not shaken-up, but I did in fact feel empowered. And that is always a good thing :)
— Julia R.

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How I work with you

If you come to me for a reading, my aim is to empower you. Period. I don't want to tell you what the future will be, because I can't without a it being through my point of view, which I find counterproductive. I also recognize that if you reach out to me for this service you are in a vulnerable, open position and the way I say things is very important, energetically. I aim to boost your ability to take increasingly solid next steps on your life journey while having a greater sense of the meaning of it all! Life is a process. There is no healer or modality on Earth that can help you with the whole thing at once, but you might find that we plant some seeds that grow into mighty energetic oak trees and provide shade for your later years as you water them.

I will share with tell you the patterns and information that I see born from 20 years of studying astrology and running charts (it's not something I believe in, it's something I have studied a long time and have had enough breakthroughs with to offer it to the public). I look at your chart with a careful eye and open heart, and I intend to share what I see with you in a dynamic, conversational, needs-based way. If you have specific questions, that can be answered through the chart as I see it, of course we will cover this. You might be more surprised at the questions answered that you didn't even have to ask, however. Most of all, I will do my best to encourage you about your life, about your unique energetic grid, your place in this world. This is not a motivational session. It will be more realistic than you might expect in terms of uncovering patterns that you never thought anyone could find, let alone voice yourself. Yet once light is cast on these patterns, they are no longer powerful in the way they once were--in fact that power shifts into your conscious hands. And that's, for the most part, quite validating, refreshing and invigorating!


Initial sessions with me are 150 USD, payable via paypal or bank transfer. I take your information and run your chart. A professional science writer for more than a decade, I will write up the most important themes I see initially. I will also run a transits chart for you, to see if/how the current planetary positions affect your individual natal chart, often explaining some challenges or windfalls you have recently experienced or are experiencing. We can also explore how long transiting planets will affect your life and what's on the horizon in terms of cosmic "weather" in relation to your natal chart. 

We will have an hour and a half--in person or on Skype/video chat--to discuss the findings. I will spend some time discussing what I have seen, unbiased by your comments. If something comes up that needs to be explored more deeply, we will go into it. It's your time, and your life. I will cover as much as I can with you in dialogue. Following the session, I will add any additional notes and self-study recommendations (the Internet is SO great for allowing you to search for specific aspects and read further for yourself). You will receive the writeup for further reflection!

Synergy readings--for both you and a partner, friend, family member, etc.--are 200 USD for initial sessions. These are aimed to help couples locate ways they might unconsciously be reacting to differences that are best consciously understood and worked with.

Follow-up sessions and solar returns after an initial reading are an hour, interactive. They are 100 USD.