Photo by Layla Neal

Photo by Layla Neal

I am a thinker, student of light and yogi by morning, a health coach, painter, astrologer, writing coach and editor by day, and a poet, proclaimer of all that is beautiful, teacher and dancer by always.

Originally from the US, I was drawn abroad--over and over, for the past 15 years, across five continents so far, to gain a wider, deeper sense of what is going on in the world.

I am passionate about helping people take the next steps toward fulfilling their potential. I enjoy working with people to help them connect with their power and realize their goals.

Science writing is also a passion as it is an honor to translate information from a narrow silo of meaning within a single discipline into music to the wider population's ears.

It's wonderful to be a part of leaving other people's worlds subtly yet forever changed by a new perspective on reality. I feel deeply responsible for the way this information is framed—with as little bias and sensationalism as possible since the subjects, when captured clearly, truly speak for themselves.

Along my life--through experience blogging and writing about COP 18, researching in the rain forest of Costa Rica, working in genetics labs, writing for big pharma in New York City, crossing the country of Kenya for research and freelance work, making many friends and learning the language in Turkey, painting in Florence, Italy, I have seen many facets of life.

Before my eyes, as I travel today, I see the problems I felt early on mushroom to levels undeniable by the wider population--overpopulation, industrialization without any consideration for future ecological impact, a general sense of valuing things more than each other. There is a pendulum, it swings between socialism and capitalism--right now, it is reaching its fulcrum point on the capitalist end.

In order for us to swing it back to the middle, we each need to take charge of our own inner ecosystems--our mental, emotional, physical balance. Our holistic health. For only if we value our lives and make sincere attempts to understand our own worlds, wounds and ways will we be able to work within the wider world among all other living beings with any level of clarity.

I enjoy participating in projects to illuminate this reality and be a part of an awakening and movement to change our collective habits so that we align more with the rhythms of our natural surroundings. This can only be done through a shared understanding--amidst a great wave of creative impulse to industrialize and capitalize everything—of the hard-stop natural-resource realities surrounding us. Scientific study helps advance this understanding. But each of us have the intuition and the power to feel resonance with the truth as we hear it. And each of us, if we have the courage, have the power to act within the flow of this resonance, break moulds and create a future that our children will take into their hands and continue to adapt to. 

If even a few people connect with word or images here... mission accomplished. 

The light in me honors the light in you… defined, defined, defined, by these squiggly lines.