Photo by Nat Guerris

Photo by Nat Guerris

A writer/editor with a science journalism degree from UW Madison, Wisconsin, USA, I'm able to translate complex scientific content into layman's terms, but I also honor a passion for any meaningful writing, including poetry. I am RYT 1000+ certified as a yoga instructor, specializing in approaches that round out the lives of those I teach--dynamic, restorative, breath regulation, sitting practice, chanting and use of sound. Whatever people need, I'm ready to share, from 20 years of practice and 10 years of teaching experience in several continents. I'm also a certified health coach, offering a holistic approach to anyone who wishes to transform their life from old patterns and surviving, to conscious living and thriving. 

I was born in the US, but wanted to leave there since I was a child. I finally did in 2009. Never went back except to visit. The meantime has offered me a lot of learning, experience, growth, change and adaptation (well beyond a national mindset), for which I'm deeply grateful. I'm also immersed in Deutsch coursework to--after earnest attempts to learn Spanish, Italian, Swahili and Turkish that fizzled when I couldn't use every day--become advanced in a second language. Now based in Switzerland, I will use German every day!

Through attending, blogging and writing about COP 18; researching in the rain forest of Costa Rica, working in genetics labs; writing for big pharma in New York City; crossing the country of Kenya for research and freelance work; making many friends and learning the language in Turkey; painting in Florence, Italy--I have followed a strong pull to flesh out my understanding about realities of the world.

Before my eyes,  today, I see the problems I felt concern about as a teen mushroom to levels undeniable by the wider population--overpopulation, industrialization without any consideration for future ecological impact, a general sense of valuing things more than each other. There is a pendulum that swings between socialism and capitalism--right now, it is reaching its fulcrum point on the capitalist end.

In order for us to swing it back to the middle, we each need to take charge of our own inner ecosystems--our mental, emotional, physical balance. Our holistic health. For only if we value our lives and make sincere attempts to understand our own worlds, wounds and ways will we be able to work within the wider world among all other living beings with any level of clarity.

I enjoy participating in projects to illuminate this reality and be a part of an awakening and movement to change our collective habits so that we align more with the rhythms of our natural surroundings. This can only be done through a shared understanding--amidst a great wave of creative impulse to industrialize and capitalize everything—of the hard-stop natural-resource realities surrounding us. Scientific study helps advance this understanding. But each of us have the intuition and the power to feel resonance with the truth as we hear it. And each of us, if we have the courage, have the power to act within the flow of this resonance, break moulds and create a future that our children will take into their hands and continue to adapt to. 

If even a few people connect with word or images here... mission accomplished. 


Emily Alp